About ARC

Established in 1996, ARC is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency serving Southern Arizona and the Phoenix Metro Area. ARC’s mission is to provide comprehensive social and housing services to the communities it serves. With a full menu of housing counseling services in Phoenix and Tucson; as well as services for older adults in Tucson and Southern Arizona, ARC strives to enhance the quality of life for all clients.

ARC serves all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, religious preference, or sexual orientation.  Its commitment to a diverse workforce ensures that client needs are respected and valued.

Our Board our Directors is responsible for general oversight and also provides a connection to our community

Board of Directors

  • Joseph Tajc, President
  • A. R. “Arnie” Aros, Vice President
  • Edward Laber, Treasurer
  • Susan Johnson, Secretary
  • Sally J. Simpson, Member
  • John Jay Brosky, Member
"Agencies like ARC are life savers and in fact home savers! ARC should be commended for the services they provide."