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Elder Protection Program

ARC’s skilled professional case managers help seniors escape abusive and life-threatening situations. We employ the generosity of Tucson area adult care homeowners to help provide safe temporary housing, acquire immediate medical care, and transition to long-term housing– all free of charge. Funding is provided by the US Department of Justice and the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and Pima County

Our services include:

  • Professional Crisis Intervention and Support services for people over 50 or for individuals with disabilities experiencing abuse or neglect
  • Professional Case Management Services and help navigating the justice system and acquiring appropriate legal and social services
  • Obtaining remote orders of protection
  • Safety Planning and help locating accessible long-term housing.

What happens when you call?

  • Be heard, supported and believed
  • Regain control over the situation
  • Develop and enhance personal strengths and coping skills
  • Gain knowledge and skills for financial and housing stability
  • Learn how to acquire government benefits and assistance

You may be a victim of elder
abuse if:

  • You have been physically assaulted, injured, or restrained
  • You have been denied, medication, food, hearing aids, eyeglasses, walker, crutches or cane, or denied contact with family and friends
  • You are being pressured to give someone information or control over your finances or assets
  • Someone is insulting, yelling or threatening to move you against your will


Download a research brief from the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) about Social Isolation, Loneliness and Elder Mistreatment.

Elder Protection Services
Serving Tucson and Southern Arizona
Elder Protection Helpline: (520) 339-2801
Direct Line: (520) 405-5646
Email: [email protected]

Elder Placement Coordination & Care
Direct Line:  (520) 405-5646
Email: [email protected]

To learn more about domestic and elder abuse, please visit the following websites: