The State of Arizona allows you to claim tax credits to non-profit organizations that support the working poor. It’s called the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit.

A tax credit gift to ARC before the end of a calendar year qualifies taxpayers for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their tax returns.  Couples filing jointly can qualify for a credit of up to $800 and individuals filing singly can qualify for a credit of up to $400.

Your employer or former employer might match your gift. Contact your personnel or HR Department and ask if they offer a matching gifts or matching funds program. If they do, simply get the form, fill it out and send it to ARC.

Help Support ARC’s programs for Families and Seniors — Make your Tax Credit Gift payable to ARC

To make a tax credit gift, please fill out and submit this form by clicking on the “Submit” button and completing your donation on PayPal. If you prefer, you can mail a check or money order payable to ARC, 3003 S. Country Club Road, Suite 219, Tucson AZ  85713.